It has been well documented that in Kumasi, we sometimes bend the English language to our will and give new definitions to words as and when fit and necessary.

But sometimes English is not adequate to express the emotion and the specific message you want to communicate. What do you do when, for example, you want to describe that peculiar sensation of electric current passing through you, and the word ‘shock’ just doesn’t do it for you?

Or what happens when someone breaks the wind, and you’re in primary school and you simply don’t know the word ‘fart’, but you must somehow say it, in English?

The solution is simple – just make up a new English word that works better for you. Here are some of the best made up words we found.



spote-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original


When you wear that slick suit that makes you look really suave, you’ve spoted, and you’re not looking easy at all, so don’t let anyone tell you something different.



keek-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original


When you foolishly touch a live wire, it keeks you. Every respectable person of Ghanaian and/or Siano origin knows this.



bowzin-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Origin


Bowzin is just a fun word to say. You can call your chubby friend bowzin, a big piece of chicken you found in your KFC bucket bowzin. In fact just stop using the word big and just say bowzin every time.



foosh-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original


This word was just asking to be made up, because it is a fairly accurate onomatopoeic representation of its meaning. It’s a wonder how come our teachers didn’t simply teach us the word fart anyway. I still chuckle when I think about the fact that in many all-girls high schools, our ladies used to refer to burping as chuckling.  If you’re still hung up on that word onomatopoeic, I’m not going to tell you so stop asking.



pigrigy-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: Life in Kumasi


If you’re going to organize an event, then you might as well make it an epic one. Make it more than epic. Make it pigrigy-pagragar, one for the history books.



bonegrace-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: Life in Kumasi


I do not know where this word came from, but I have loved it from the minute I heard it. Which brilliant mind thought up ‘bonegrace’? Wow. I want to make him president of something.



bambaliss-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original


We used to do this a lot as kids, just rolling everywhere. Even if you lacked the acrobatic flair to pull off a perfect cartwheel, calling whatever ‘rollings’ that you did bambaliss made it seem that much more impressive.



talia-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original


Let no one deceive you that macaroni is a better alternative to talia, for it is not. First of all, talia is spaghetti, and spaghetti is not macaroni. Second of all, talia rolls off the tongue nicely. Third of all, look, it’s talia, okay. Just feel free and say it.



trog-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original


Is this word truck? Is it trolley? Is it trough? All we know is, we’ve had trog with us for a long time, and without trogs how would we get our coconuts?



feely-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original


If someone tells you they saw something, but they can’t even confirm that that they indeed saw it feely-feely, then really, you have every right to doubt them. While technically this is not recognized in the laws of the land, to say that you saw something feely-gadoche instantly improves it’s acceptability as evidence. Oh yes.

BONUS: Here are four more made up words, just because you’re awesome and we  love you, and also because there are so many and we got carried away.



dosted-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original



bice-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Origi



toke-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original



toke-kumasi-ghana-made-up-wordCredit: LiK Original


If you’ve enjoyed this, share with your friends. Did we miss anything or get it wrong somewhere? Sound off in the comments below. 


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