Whatsapp has become much more than a messaging app. Among its many accolades, it has also turned out to be something of a joke portal. Some funny messages and pictures find their way to Whatsapp from God knows where, and within minutes they go viral. Dare post a joke you saw an hour ago to a group, and you can be sure someone will cry ‘Pasquo!’

Over the course of last year some particular pictures popped into the Whatsappverse (Whatsapposphere?) and made us laugh and laugh some more. Here we take a trip down memory lane as we look at 31 of the best, funniest and most ludicrous.


1. This guy has absolute faith in his Economics teacher.

Funny economics test answer

2. He should be glad his first name is not Sonic.

Dr. Hedgeh Sonic Hedgehog

3. Before it left waters, this trotro was a boat.

Leaving waters trotro trosky funny

4. Some phones need accessories. Others need isosseles. Others equilateral.

Phone and accessories funny GH sign

5. I’m more concerned about the paternity of the baby than the spelling mistake.

Bansing baby funny outdooring banner Ghana

6. An example of how teachers don’t encourage creativity and ingenuity

Funny math test answers

7. I can’t even.

Richard cards funny GH signs Ghana

8. Brief and concise

Understanding women pocket edition

9. Gives new meaning to ‘The word of God is like a double-edged sword.’

Double edged sword pastor

10. ‘Peter, Peter, send the bottle back.’ It’s an old joke.

After Church drinking spot

11. Newsflash: You die either way

Give me a spouse or I die

12. Dream wedding. Let no one ever say Ghanaians are not resourceful

Dream wedding butter bread

13. In their defence, they’ve lived a very hard life.


14. Boys abre

We're into oil and gas

15. Another example of unrewarded creativity

Funny test answer threat

16. The judgement day that had everyone running scared.

Waiting for Atuguba

17. One of many memes inspired by the beloved and elderly goalkeeper

Olele Kingston Kwame Nkrumah

18. Clearly he was born to be an artist, not a mathematician

Funny math creativity

19. The Hip Slip: Girls abre!Girls abre hip slip

20. True love

True Love

21. The animal is a professional

Professional Lion

22. The sad occasion didn’t discourage the usual suspects. RIP Paul.

RIP Paul Walker epic fail

23. That got the point across

Stupid highlighter

24. *Still in that moment of silence*

Friend Zone PS I love you

25. Google has something to say about every situation

Google boa me funny answer

26. Fortunately/unfortunately she is currently teaching SHS English in a village somewhere

Funny angry love letter

27. The most powerful woman in the world

Obama Michelle switch seats

28. Women never lose sight of the important facts

Whose Paula

29. Modern Warfare: Prayer Camp. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood. You be there and joke.

GThe Finak Battle Prayer meeting modern warfare

30. Out of the mouths of babes

Favourite song

31. And my all-time favourite…

Girl with machete and birthday cake

That girl means business.

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