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Life in Kumasi is a lifestyle blog, but oh, it is so much more. It is a comprehensive guide on how to live in one of the most boisterous and vibrant cities in Africa the world the entire universe. Here, we talk about everything. From politics to sports, from religion to dating, from business to celebrities. You will be entertained. You will be educated. You will be hooked (we hope), and you will tell all your friends about us. Our aim is to build an exciting community over here that actively discusses trends and issues arising in Kumasi, Ghana, and everywhere  else on this orb we call Earth.

Don’t be misled by the name of the blog. Anyone and everyone can and should enjoy this site, because the information and opinions discussed here can be related to by anyone from anywhere (except maybe Pompeii). Seriously it doesn’t matter if you are from Accra or you are a New Yorker. We present this stuff with everyone in mind. It is entertaining, life-affirming, practical and valuable. We’re versatile, just like any authentic Siano should be.

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Aboowa saa na Kumasifo te brofo saa - Buroni no kraa afeeli ama oreka Twi

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‘We’ is mostly me, Isaac, and other talented writers (Firmer and Sekyere) who work hard to craft original and memorable articles for the information and pleasure of our readers.  I started this blog after an inspiring break out session at BarCamp Kumasi 2013. You can read more about the humble beginnings here. This blog is all about community, gathering together young people who have an ambition to make a change not only in Kumasi but the world. This vision directs all content we produce. A premium is placed on business and entrepreneurship and inspiration, but we’re far from all serious. Humour and entertainment are very important to us, too (you saw the dude up there in the red glasses, didn’t you?)


We pride ourselves in our content: It’s 100% original and optimized for our young Ghanaian audience. Studies show that reading all articles on Life in Kumasi can make you up to 95% smarter (DISCLAIMER: did you know that 40% of statistics are made up? Including this one). Okay so we haven’t really done any studies yet, but we research and write each article with one goal in mind: that you’ll be a better person for reading it.

Adepa na eton ne ho. To wit, a quality product markets itself. So don’t let us drag on. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Just read this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, drop your comments to generate interesting debates, and share the fun on all your social networks. This place dey jomm.

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