Life in Kumasi believes in celebrating the small milestones in life. The small wins matter. Yesterday, we celebrated having almost 2000 fans on Facebook. On the 24th of July, Life in Kumasi would have been in existence for 7 months. It’s been an exciting an rewarding journey, and the awesomeness has only just begun. That being said, it’s been great so far, and there are some gems we are proud of. To celebrate this upcoming milestone, we present to you 7 of the most precious of these gems, plus 2 bars of gold. If ever you’re, for some unfathomable reason, inclined to read only 9 posts on Life in Kumasi, make sure they are the following.

1. 8 English Words That Mean Something Totally Different in Kumasi

Siano Expressions Cover

By far Life in Kumasi’s most popular post, 8 English words set a bar in Ghana’s blogosphere that started new conversations about Ghanaian colloquial culture. Essential reading.

2. 17 New English Words That Mean Something Even More Totally Different in Kumasi

Words-That-Mean-Something-Totally Different in Kumasi

This is the similarly popular sequel to the previous post. The list was expanded to analyze 17 new English words that mean something different in Ghana than the rest of the world.

3. 12 Things That Made Bronya BRONYA Back In The Day

Bronya Christmas in Kumasi Feature

This was one of the very first posts to appear on Life in Kumasi. In this post, we took a graphical walk down memory lane into our childhood, back into Bronya. We looked at the stuff that made us look forward to Christmas the most. Others had their Santa Clauses and Christmas trees and presents in boxes. We had our knockouts and bangers, bronya dress and even more!


4. Fufu And Wisdom: Words Inspired By Ghana’s Favourite Meal

Fufu and wisdom

Eating fufu never gets old. This post celebrated all the unique attributes of fufu, both the well known and the obscure. Did you know fufu is a potent painkiller? More secrets await you in this article.

5. The Well-Kept Divine Secrets Behind Your ‘Day-of-the-Week’ Soul Name (Kradin) – What Your Parents Never Told You

Divine-Secrets of the Akan Kradin Soul Name

There are deep secrets and mythologies surrounding the ‘kradin’ of Ghana – the names given by most ethnic groups to newly-born children based on the day of the week they were delivered. The secrets explored in this post will blow your mind (or merely tickle your fancy, if you’re not inclined to dramatic statements).

6. The 8 Most Merciless Games We Played As Kids (Ranked By Level Of Wickedness)

Merciless Games we played as Kumasi kids

Kids in Ghana play some truly crazy games. Find out the most wicked games you probably played in your childhood if you grew up here. Number 1 will surely bring back fond and painful memories.

7. Did You Know Each Kumasi Movie Star Has A Hollywood Version? Find Out Who Is Who

Nana Ama McBrown Sandra Bullock

If no one ever told you that Kumasi movie stars have their Hollywood versions, then guess what, you’ve been in the dark. If by looking at the picture above it struck you that Nana Ama McBrown does have some things in common with Sandra Bullock, then wait till you see who we matched up Agya Koo and Lil Win with. Truly uncanny!

8. Wise Sayings: English And Asante Twi Proverbs Matched At Last!

Akan Twi Proverbs and English Wise sayings featured

It’s not only celebrities who found their matches across the Atlantic. Even proverbs have their matches too. In this post, we matched up our beloved Twi proverbs with well known English ones, proving once again that great minds do indeed think alike.

9. These Funny Graphs Reveal The True Story Of How Ghana Feels About The World Cup

Life in Kumasi finally jumped on the bandwagon!

In the heat of the World Cup, amidst all its attendant drama, this post took a humorous and satirical but surprisingly insightful look at moods and trends of the sports celebration – through the unconventional medium of graphs. It’s better witnessed than described, seriously.


If you missed out on reading any of these posts, make sure you check it out now. You’ll most certainly be glad that you did. As usual, please share this post so that more people can discover this new side of Kumasi they never knew. See you in the comments.

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