If you’ve followed Life in Kumasi for any measure of time, then you’re probably aware that ordinary isn’t exactly our forte. If you’re new here, just take a look around and see what I mean. We’ll wait.


And now, from the 2nd to the 4th of October, 2014, Life in Kumasi is stepping extraordinary up a couple of notches. It’s going to be LARGER THAN LIFE.

Over the years, matriculation in KNUST seems to be treated like a passing fad. But that doesn’t make any sense. Getting into college is a big deal. It deserves a celebration. And Life in Kumasi has just the package to make this happen.

We wanted to create a fun experience for the freshmen of 2014 of KNUST. And as everybody knows, matriculation is all about the photos. Here’s one I took back in 2009.


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It’s about the photos. So you can look back a few years down the line and laugh about how fragile you looked. For that purpose, we’re bringing in the big guns. No amateur snapshots for our dear freshmen. Only the pros. Two experienced photographers will be collaborating to bring you the best experience.


You don’t have to choose between the two. You get snapped by both.

After the formal matriculation studio shot, you get to let down your hair a bit, so to speak, and take some fun shots. We made some quirky signs expressly for this purpose.


You’ll receive 3 picture prints (5 x 7), so you have an extra to stick in a frame for your significant other. Then, more importantly, because everything is all digital and social media these days, we’ll send you up to 10 digital copies of your pictures, via Whatsapp and email.

Is that all, you ask? We’re just getting started. Everyone who signs up with us gets a surprise gift from Life in Kumasi, free of charge, along with your picture prints.

Additionally for a small lucky group, we’ll be giving out beautiful tradition-inspired Life in Kumasi t-shirts. All you have to do is the following.

And be sure to follow @lifeinkumasi while you’re at it.

Matriculation is about you. You’re a superstar, for at least a day. So come join Life in Kumasi under the LARGER THAN LIFE tent, and let’s lay out the red carpet treatment for you.

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