Hello World.

I know we are way past that by now. But it’s been so long since I last posted here that I thought I might say that. So hello. Hope you missed Life in Kumasi.

I’d like to spin a yarn about how the hiatus was a well thought out fallow period yada yada yada, but the truth is, ‘Stuff happens’. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, said Lennon, and boy was he right. So what are these plans we were busy making? More on that soon.

It all started with Adom Praiz. I’m a big fan of Cece Winans, and when I heard she was coming back to Ghana, I just had to go see her. And I did. It was awesome.

Before leaving, I posted this article about awesome ways to say ‘Wow’ in Ghana.



Then when I came back from Accra, it was like, ‘na movements aye slow’. The immediate reason was, my National service office provided the perfect blogging environment – enough privacy and much more importantly, free internet. I left for Accra after my last day as a National service employee, and so I returned to Kumasi with one less office. Leaving me with a grand total of none. It was back to internet café days. But that wasn’t the only reason for the break. There’s a bit of ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ to account for. Accra has awesome architecture, and I really liked Oxford Street. So when I got back I guess I was a little peeved. Like, ‘Why can’t we have nice things?’ So it was time to look for fresh inspiration. And I guess inspiration came in the form of pragmatism. If you want nice things, you’re going to have to go get them yourself.



That reminds me, has anyone else realized international food franchises don’t thrive in Kumasi? On The Run, now Bonjour, used to have places like Ice Cream Inn, Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn (quite a lot of inns, really) and Nando’s. Now, they’ve all been replaced by a certain AA Restaurant (one inn to rule them all). Then there’s Mr. Biggs, which started so promisingly, and then closed up to embark on a renovation it never came back from. Much like the TV show Cape Coast Motel, which promised they were going on a short break, circa 2004. I guess ‘short’ is relative.



Yeah, so instead of wasting more time wishing we had this or that in Kumasi, I’ve decided to be more practical about it. God willing later this month I’ll be launching a brand new food venture with my friend Emmanuel Dzisi. It’s called Sofomaame, and it just might be the next big thing, hiding in modest clothes. It’s in Ayeduase, so if you’re in the neighbourhood, do pass by to  support a local business, will you?


Breakfast is served!

There will be constant updates here to help people who would like to start such a business.



Larger Than Life

Also, Life in Kumasi is embarking on its first major business project from 2nd to 4th of October. It’s the LARGER THAN LIFE Matriculation Photo shoot. We’d love your support to make this a success. If you happen to know someone matriculating into KNUST this year (or are one yourself), nudge them in the right direction, would you? Thanks. Similarly, updates on the photo shoot will appear right here on Life in Kumasi.



So these are the plans that have been keeping content off our servers and your screens. But all of that changes now. Big things are happening. Bigger than bigger, to steal a line from Apple.

As was announced on our Facebook page, Life in Kumasi won a grant from the Ghana Denmark Cultural Fund to further grow the site. These words do not fully express just how excited I was when I got the news. So now, we are licensed and mandated to bring you even more awesomeness on a much more regular basis. We will deliver.

Life in Kumasi is back, better than before. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be the tall guy snapping amazing photos come October 2. Hope to see you there.

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